About Walnuts

More than 99% of the walnuts in U.S. are grown in the fertile soils of California's Central Valley. Internationally, California walnuts supply three-quarters of the world's walnut trade.

Here you can learn more about this truly American success story: the rich history of the 'Royal' nut; the journey from the orchard to your table; and the wealth of health benefits that have been discovered through two decades of health research.

Walnut History & Cultivation


Find out about their origins in ancient Persia, why they became known as 'English Walnuts', and how California became a center for walnut cultivation.

How Walnuts Are Grown

How Walnuts Are Grown

It's a long road from planting a walnut orchard to delivering fresh, delicious walnuts to your local market. Find out about the process from tree to table, and the strict food quality and safety standards that regulate the walnut industry.