Walnuts: A Whole Food with Whole Body Benefits

This interactive CE program provides a step-by-step tutorial and offers 1 CPEU. The course is targeted to registered dietitians and is ideal for those with little or no background on walnuts and their health benefits, as well as for those who need a refresher course!

This narrated course, complete with visual aids and interactive learning activities facilitates learning, creating long-term retention of the information. The ability to cross reference with related topics allows dietitians to access a wide variety of information.

Course includes:

·       A main menu of the entire course and specific topics plus numerous interactive learning activities,

·       A reference section, which links to related materials and information on the topic,

·       A search function for quick access to specific information,

·       A help option for any problems you might have with the course,

·       A print option for a hard copy of the information,

·       CE Certificate for your Portfolio.

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