Dr. James Beckerman MD

Dr. Beckerman serves on the clinical advisory boards of WebMD Health Services and Fitness Magazine.

As the recent chair of the Oregon Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness and Sports and as team cardiologist for the Portland Timbers Major League Soccer team, he is passionate about healthy lifestyles and making fitness safe for everyone. Dr. Beckerman is also the medical director of Play Smart Youth Heart Screenings, a prevention based cardiac screening program.

Since the publication of his first book, The Flex Diet, he travels nationwide to promote healthy lifestyles and heart disease prevention, appearing as a frequent keynote speaker and as a guest on the Today show and the Dr. Oz Show.

Dr. Beckerman graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Medical School and completed his internal medicine and cardiology training at Massachusetts General Hospital and Stanford University.

Dr. Beckerman is compensated by the California Walnut Commission for his services.