Walnut Milk - Food Technologists

Walnut Milk - Food Technologists


  • Ingredients
  • Water 60.00%
  • Walnut Meal (Size #15) 32.00%
  • Flavoring 5.00%
  • Stabilizers (gum, starch or fiber) 3.00%
  • Totals (Calculated) 100.00%



  1. Aseptic, retorted or pasteurized nut based dairy free beverages
  2. Blend together walnut meal, flavoring and water into a mixing tank.
  3. Run the mix through a series of shear mixers for further nut breakdown until desired consistency and fluidity is achieved.
  4. Homogenize the mixture further to reduce particulates.
  5. Use preferred heating process (pasteurization, aseptic or retort) to produce a refrigerated or shelf stable
  6. finished product.
  7. Stabilizing system and flavors will vary depending on the chosen thermal process and desired sensory attributes.


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