Cucumber-Walnut Butter-Pretzel Buttons

Cucumber-Walnut Butter-Pretzel Buttons

Sometimes great cheer comes from small statements. If you keep walnut butter on hand, these easy little stacks will be a savory lunchbox option on short notice. It's nice to give the kids (or yourself) a non-sweet snack once in awhile.


  • 2 Persian cucumbers, tight, sweet, or pickling cucumbers (peeled only if the skin is bitter)
  • 1 batch California Walnut Butter (recipe follows)
  • A handful or two of pretzels, 1-inch


  1. Slice the cucumbers into rounds ΒΌ inch-thick.
  2. Add small dabs of Walnut Butter.
  3. Gently press a pretzel on top of each.
  4. Pack into a small, shallow container with a tight-fitting top, and off you go.


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