Heart Health Update: New CV Guidelines and News on the Mediterranean Diet

Salmon with Topping

Understanding the latest guidelines and the benefits of eating the Mediterranean way. In partnership with SCAN, this on-demand webinar will be presented by Dr. James Beckerman and Dr. Wendy Bazilian.

Dr. James Beckerman works at the Providence Heart and Vascular Institute in Portland, Oregon; Dr. Wendy Bazilian is a Registered Dietitian and American College of Sports Medicine-certified Health and Fitness Specialist. 1.0 hours of continuing education credit will be provided ($15 fee).

Program Description: The American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the American Heart Association (AHA) released a new clinical practice guideline for the treatment of blood cholesterol in people at high risk for cardiovascular diseases caused by atherosclerosis, hardening and narrowing of the arteries – which can lead to heart attack, stroke or death. Respected Cardiologist Dr. James Beckerman will review the AHA/ACC guidelines and highlight the scientific evidence behind heart-healthy lifestyle factors that can improve cardiovascular health and reduce heart disease risk. Specifically, the heart-health research surrounding the Mediterranean diet, known for its abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and good fats including olive oil and nuts such as walnuts, will be examined. Nutrition expert, Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, RD will present the latest evidence showcasing the protective heart health qualities of this eating pattern emphasizing implications for practice.

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