California Walnut Board Referendum April 2014

The California Walnut Board is having its first continuation referendum this April.  Below, find more information from the USDA, who will be conducting the referendum grower vote.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our office at 916-932-7070 or

USDA Message To California Walnut Growers:

In just a couple of weeks you will be receiving a packet from the USDA asking you to vote in a referendum regarding the Federal marketing order for California walnuts, which is administered by the California Walnut Board (CWB).  We would like to take this opportunity to explain why this is occurring.

The California walnut marketing order was voted into existence by growers in 1948.  Through the order the CWB administers minimum quality and inspection requirements, production and marketing research activities, and marketing promotion, including paid advertising activities. Approximately six years ago several changes to the marketing order were made due to changes in the structure of the industry. At that time, other changes were made, including changing the name of the Walnut Marketing Board to the California Walnut Board and authorizing the use of modern technology for conducting CWB business. Also, a requirement to conduct a continuance referendum every six years was added at that time. This will be the first continuance referendum held on the Federal marketing order.    

Continuance referenda are conducted to gauge grower support for federal marketing orders. These referenda do not affect any specific aspects of the orders; they are simply used to see if growers remain in favor of their order.

When you receive your referendum packet, you will be provided the option to choose “I FAVOR continuance of the marketing order” or “I DO NOT FAVOR continuance of the marketing order.” Choosing “I Favor” means that you wish the marketing order and the CWB to continue, and choosing “I DO NOT FAVOR” means you do not wish the marketing order and CWB to continue.  When voting, it is important that you complete all pertinent portions of the ballot and certification in order for your vote to be counted.  

This referendum is scheduled to take place in April, so please keep an eye out for your ballot packet and vote within the timeframe specified on your ballot materials.  Thank You!