Holiday Makeovers

Holiday meals don't have to be heavy and unhealthy – the trick is amping up the flavor in traditional dishes with seasonal produce, herbs and, of course, walnuts! There are simple substitutions that can make holiday recipes that little bit healthier. For example, when a recipe calls for cheese, use aged cheese. The stronger the flavor, the less you need! Or try substituting applesauce for some of the shortening in baked goods, which can reduce added fat while keeping them moist. Stealth nutrition can be added to festive dishes by incorporating raw or toasted walnuts – providing a delicious crunch and flavor that family and friends will enjoy.

Share our Recipe Makeover Tips

with your clients as great tips to reduce the added fat, sugar and salt in common recipes and pass along some of our delicious holiday dishes below for some healthier suggestions that may just become their new holiday favorites.

  • Endive and Walnut Appetizers:



    These leafy green specialties serve as a sophisticated appetizer when topped with California walnuts. Opt for a creamy white bean spread that's high in flavor and low in saturated fat – a great way to start a special evening.


  • Glazed Squash with Walnuts and Thyme:



    Scrumptious seasonal recipe for squash topped with crunchy walnuts. This smart choice uses 86% less saturated fat than a typical mashed winter squash recipe.


  • Festive Fruit and Walnut Stuffed Pork Roast:



    A beautiful stuffed pork roast filled with a medley of fruit and walnuts livens up both the plate and the palate! Pork roasts go well with fruit and nuts – this makes for a wonderful holiday meal.


  • Zinful Cranberry Relish:



    This dish is packed with the goodness of cranberries, walnuts and honey. The California Zinfandel makes this dish flavorful without being too sweet. It compliments a turkey or standing prime rib roast perfectly.


  • Walnut Sage Stuffing:


    This delicious and hearty stuffing created by culinary legend Marion Cunningham, incorporates the toasty flavor of walnuts for a hearty crunch. The savory blend works well with holiday birds and as a great side dish for chicken.


  • Cranberry Pear Tartlets


    : Try this smartened-up treat featuring California walnuts. Cranberry Pear Tartlets offer less saturated fat and sugar than traditional apple tartlets.


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