Natural Defenders Toolkit

Use the California Walnuts Natural Defenders Toolkit to help your clients and their families get started on a path towards wellness in 2013. The Toolkit has a variety of components that can be used to track a family's health, teach nutrition, and share great ideas for fitness! Whether your clients need tools like our Cholesterol Tracker, Emergency Contact Form, Medicine Chart, BMI Chart, Preventative Care Chart or if they prefer to defer to one of our many health experts, California Walnuts can provide you and your clients with the tools to defend their health and family this year.

Cookbook author Mollie Katzen, Registered Dietitian Wendy Bazilian and Doctor's Michael Roizen and David Katz offer expert tips to help your Clients make positive and delicious choices to help promote their health and wellbeing. Our planning and shopping guide section including a Food Diary, Label Reading Guidelines, Grocery Shopping Guide, Mediterranean Meal Planner and USDA MyPlate Guidelines can serve as great resources and credible guidelines for you to share with your clients.