Sustainable Farming Practices

American agriculture puts nutritious food on the table, and the California Walnut industry certainly plays its part.

The key pillars of sustainability in California Walnut farming include

  • Economic viability;
  • Efficient use of available resources;
  • Balancing technology with the use of proven best farming practices;
  • Minimizing environmental impact; and
  • Benefitting the community

The California Walnut Board (CWB) has long supported sustainable agricultural practices through its research program emphasizing environmental and social responsibility by improving quality of life for growers, labor, neighbors, consumers and the public. Specific practices that affect air, water, and soil quality, energy efficiency, and food safety within the Food Quality Protection Act (FPQA) are, and have been, the California Walnut Board’s research targets. The ultimate result is an economically produced, healthful and safe food product.